Are you hunched over in front of your screen or slouched on your couch right now?

Here is a 3-day posture challenge for this week.

Imagine that you are one of those wacky inflatables, you know the one. Notice how his posture is all over the place?

Here’s the 3-day challenge:

Use this technique every hour to re-educate your body’s posture defaults. You can’t change what you aren’t even aware of.

You can set a 60-minute timer on your phone or a note by your desk, kitchen sink, in your car to give yourself reminders to think about it. You can also use this technique if you are walking.

Each time you do this exercise/technique, try to do it more subtly and with less effort. Find the ease of allowing your breath to do most of the work of lengthening and straightening your spine into position. Once there see if you can activate a little back muscle the length of your spine and neck to hold the position.


As the front of your torso is filling and expanding with your inhale for this technique, unfurl your back and allow it to float up straight.

Imagine the wacky inflatable dancer above. You want to be straight and tall by the end of the breath. It’s ok if you can’t do it all in one breath. Just pause in place as you exhale, and then continue with the next slow inhale.

Begin by taking a slow deep breath…

Expanding your belly….

Upper abdomen and base of your ribcage…

And then your chest….

And ribcage….

And the front of your neck and throat… allowing your chin to float slightly up…

Align your head over your chest and shoulders at the top of the breath…

Now, relax your shoulders and shoulder blades… letting them slide down your back towards the floor.

Feel your back muscles that run the length of your spine and neck and hold this position for 10-30 seconds…

And that is it! Easy right?

Whenever you find yourself slouching or notice bad posture throughout your day I want you to do the routine above.

If you make it a part of your daily routine you will be able to improve your posture. It’s ok if you can’t maintain this straighter posture for very long. It will get easier with time as the muscles get stronger. The added bonus, a decrease in tension and pain over time

If you have any questions or notice any improvements I’d love to hear them.

I hope you found this post positively helpful. 🙂